Our Bylaws

Article I: Rules of Order

  • Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall govern all cases not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws


Article II: Stewards and the Stewards’ Council

  • Section 1. Stewards shall be selected for each building in which there is a significant number of union members.
  • Section 2. A Stewards’ Council shall be established in order to encourage dialogue on issues and problems confronting the membership in various areas of the campus.


Article III: Representation at UFF Senate Functions

  • Section 1. The president and the FAMUFF senators will represent the Chapter at all UFF Senate functions.


Article IV: Duties and Elections of Officers

  • Section 1. It shall be the duty of the president to call and preside at meetings of the chapter. The president shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, shall sign all necessary documents and papers, shall represent the chapter at all official functions, shall coordinate and oversee the organization’s programs and policies ( as determined by the FAMUFF Executive Committee, and shall make an annual report to the members.
  • Section 2. The vice-president shall represent the president when the president cannot be present and shall exercise those duties prescribed by the president or the Chapter Executive Committee. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president, the vice-president shall serve as president for the period remaining in the existing one year term.
  • Section 3. The vice-president for grievances shall chair the grievances committee and in the absence of the president and vice-president for communications, shall carry out the duties of the president.
  • Section 4. The vice-president for organizing shall chair the membership committee, shall recruit new members to the UFF, and shall keep an updated list of the membership.
  • Section 5. The president, vice-presidents, and senators of the Executive Committee shall be members of the Stewards’ council. The president shall preside at all meetings of the council.
  • Section 6. The secretary shall keep the minutes of the Chapter and Executive Committee meetings and shall account for all records, including reports and correspondence.
  • Section 7. The secretary shall keep the minutes of the Chapter and Executive Committee meetings and shall account for all records, including reports and correspondence.
  • Section 8. The term of office shall be one year, with no limits on the number of terms.
  • Section 9. By April 1. the president and all other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by open nomination and secret ballots. The executive committee shall appoint an ad hoc elections committee whose duties will be to prepare the election announcement, and prepare ballots for the Chapter members’ votes and to count the ballots after the election has taken place. Those candidates receiving the majority of the vote cast shall be declared the new officers. They will take office by April 1.
  • Section 10. Vacated Offices and Recall. In the event an elected officer vacates the office before the next election, with at least 60% of the term remaining, the EC Committee will make an interim appointment from the membership, or schedule a special membership meeting to elect a new officer or officers. Any elected officer can be recalled by a referendum vote as directed by the EC or by petition from at least twenty-five percent of the membership. In either case, the EC conduct the recall vote in a general membership meeting, ensuring ample opportunity for open debate followed by a secret ballot cast by a majority of those in attendance.


Article V: The FAMUFF Executive Committee

  • Section 1. The composition of the Executive Committee will consist of all officers and senators. The number of senators on the Executive Committee shall be determined by the membership on file as of January 15 of each year. All officers shall be elected by and shall take office on April I of each year.


Article VI: FAMUFF Standing Committees and Councils

  • Section 1. Committee members shall be nominated by the President and confirmed by the FAMUFF Executive Committee.
  • Section 3. Committees shall report on current activities at each regular meeting and provide a written record of actions ( agenda and minutes ), and by March 15 of each year shall submit a written report of the year’s activity ( which includes a performance budget ) and a proposed budget for the coming year.
  • Section 4. Special committees may be established by the Executive committee when needed.
  • Section 5. The Executive Committee shall set forth the functions of all committees and shall establish policies and procedures governing their operations.
  • Section 6. The Stewards Council shall be composed of the president, the three vice presidents, and the building stewards and Senators.


Article VII: The Meetings

  • Section 1. The time and place of the FAMUFF Executive Committee meetings for each academic year shall be established within the first two weeks of the Fall term.
  • Section 2. There shall be at least one general membership each semester during the academic year. The time and place of the FAMUFF membership meetings shall be announced to the membership in the first newsletter of each semester year. As necessary, additional membership meetings may be called by the Executive Committee.
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