Our Constitution


In accordance with Article IV of the Constitution and Article 11 of the Bylaws of the United Faculty of Florida, we, the members of the United Faculty of Florida at Florida A&M University, have established this chapter of the University Faculty of Florida in order to achieve objectives which are of unique importance for the faculty at Florida A&M University.


Article I: Name

  • Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida (FAMUFF).


Article II: Objectives

  • Section 1. To bring faculty, professional employees and staff of Florida A & M University into a relationship of mutual assistance and cooperation in order to protect the professional rights and privileges which are guaranteed under the Constitutions of the United States of America, and the state of Florida.
  • Section 2. To work cooperatively with the United Faculty of Florida to achieve the objectives stated in Article 11 of the Constitution of the United Faculty of Florida.
  • Section 3. To work for the protection of faculty, professional employee, and staff rights and assist them to realize their professional and human potential; to preserve academic freedom; to strive for the advancement of academic excellence among our faculty and students; and to insure economic security and humane conditions in the workplace.
  • Section 4. To insure responsible management of the university and accountability for policies developed and actions taken by the university administrators on behalf of the university and the faculty.


Article III: Membership

  • Section 1. Faculty, professional employee, employed graduate students, and staff at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, who are members or may become members of the bargaining unit, shall be eligible for membership in FAMUFF except as otherwise provided in the Constitution of the United Faculty of Florida (Article III).


Article IV: Officers

  • Section 1. The membership of the chapter shall elect annually, by open nomination and secret ballot, a president., a vice-president for grievances, a vice-president for organizing, a treasurer, and senators for the UFF Senate.


Article V: The Executive Committee

  • Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be the chapters legislative body and shall consist of all of the officers elected above in article IV.
  • Section 2. The Executive Committee shall adopt a budget which shall be submitted to the UFF Executive Director each year, by April 1, for funding for project activities, of the chapter.
  • Section 3. The Executive Committee shall have the power to interpret and enforce the Constitution and make rules not in conflict with it.
  • Section 4. The Executive Committee shall appoint such committees as it deems appropriate and not inconsistent with either its own Constitution or the Constitution of the UFF.
  • Section 5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to carry on all business affairs of the FAMUFF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.
  • Section 6. The Executive Committee shall establish procedures for periodically evaluating the chapter’s goals and redirecting its resources to achieve those goals.
  • Section 7. The Executive Committee (EC) shall have the regular monthly meetings which will be open for attendance by the membership of the chapter. Unless otherwise directed by the EC, the time date and place of the meeting shall be announced (electronically, or otherwise) by the president at least week in advance, if practicable.


Article VI: Standing Committees And The Steward Council

  • Section 1. The FAMUFF Executive Committee shall establish two standing committees: A membership committee and a grievance committee. Other ad-hoc committees will be named as deemed appropriate.
  • Section 2. The Executive Committee shall identify and maintain building stewards and provide the leadership for a Stewards’ Council which shall be composed of the president, the senators , and the building stewards.


Article VII: Voting And Constitutional Amendments

  • Section 1. All actions affecting the entire membership of the chapter such as the ratification of contract, the election of members of the FAMUFF Executive Committee, etc., requires a majority of the votes of those voting to be accepted as valid.
  • Section 2. Constitutional amendments shall be adopted by two-thirds vote of those voting. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the membership at least 30 days prior to a vote on the amendments.
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